Claim Back Up to 25 Years of Mis-sold PPI

  • Are you one of the 3 million people who have not found out if they had PPI?
  • Are you sure you haven’t had PPI in the past?
  • Concerned that you do not have paperwork or account numbers for the borrowing?

Over half of people with policies have not made a claim because they didn’t know they had PPI and don’t have the information so they thought they couldn’t claim, which is wrong; claim today and find out if you are due a refund!

How Far Back Can You Claim?

How Far Back Can You Claim?

We make the effort to claim back much further than most companies.  We have in some instances for past customers claimed back as far as the early 1980's.  If you feel you have a PPI claim no matter how far back it goes please contact us we should be able to help.
Successful Claims

Successful Claims

Largest Single refund to date £46,707 in September 2012
Largest Credit Card Refund to date £27,749 in July 2013
Earliest dated policy successfully reclaimed dated 1987 in October 2013
No Original Documents Required

No Original Documents Required

To help you make a claim we will not require any original paperwork or even the policy number.  All we will need is the name of the lender and your name and address at the time the policy was taken out.

Best Company to Claim Back PPI

Are you looking for the best company to help you claim back your PPI? With the news from Lloyds and Barclays about their increased pot of money to cover the misselling of PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) because of the claims that they are expecting in the next few years it has never been a better time to look at claiming.

There must be a reason why you have not claimed up until now? The most relevant reason is that you probably don’t know that you have had PPI, sadly the old grey matter means that it is hard to remember what went on a few years back. Let’s face it when you wanted a loan or card the most important thing on your mind was getting it and not some insurance that the guy sorting the forms was bleating on about.

The other reason is that people do not have paperwork or account details and feel the bank cannot locate the information.

This is where we can come in, we have been dealing with bank complaints since 1999 and before this had various roles in one of the main high street banks and so know their sales methods having been trained in the art of misspelling.

So what can we do? Nice and simple all on a no win no fee basis we will find the account details. Again don’t worry about how far back we can go as a general guide about 10 to 15 years but our oldest successful claim was the beginning of the 1980’s and from a claim we submitted to the ombudsman 1988. So we prefer to look at all the firms that you had finance with from Loans through to cards, HP and even mortgages and from there look at whether PPI was applied and if it was apply for a refund.

If for some reason there is no PPI, the lender cannot locate your information the claim is unsuccessful then there is nothing to pay as it is a no win no fee agreement.

If we are successful the fee is 25% and that includes the VAT, so what have you got to lose. Just email your name and address and the details can be forwarded to you to get the ball rolling.

About 15 million policies remain unclaimed since 2001, so there is a good chance that you have one!

We work on a No Win No Fee basis so if no PPI is found or if a refund is not agreed then there is no fee to pay so don’t delay email your name and postal address to or call on 01752 840623 to run through your situation.

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